Monthly Archive for April, 2005

teh snappy

I <3 Tiger, and I’ve only had it installed half an hour. It’s quick, it’s powerful… My poor Mac mini can’t display a lot of the beautiful Core Image effects, but hey. It’s still sweet!

We shall see if my PowerBook can handle CI this weekend. It’s slower and has less RAM, but in theory has a programmable GPU… Time will tell.

In other news, the t-shirt I got today says “Bullring”, but the one I got last year says “London”. Funny that they don’t seem to have any real naming convention.

It’s Official –

I’m a geek. I’m in the Apple Store Bullring queue, waiting for the grand opening/Tiger launch, leeching from their network. Here’s a photo to prove it!

New banners

Got bored. Made banners/buttons/whatever. Also changed the php of the site to display links without the little » symbols – a non-trivial alteration, as they say :) Anyway, if anyone wants to use these new banners (either link to them or outright pinch them), I don’t mind. Would be nice if you let me know that my work was in use, though! My ego needs massaging every now and then.



Moral Indifference (Sam’s site, the lazy bum made me create this for him)

I also slightly changed the SubEthaEdit one, but it’s basically still Sam’s work

Give up an hour of your life

Well, I just read (I lie, I’m still reading it) one of the most fascinating articles I’ve ever come across. It’s a review of OS X 10.4 on arstechnica by John Siracusa. It’s very long, it’s very detailed; it’s also very interesting and even very funny. I highly recommend it.

Not only do we get the whats, we get easy-to-understand explanations of the hows, and even glimpses at the whys. Siracusa isn’t afraid to praise or criticise, either. It’s a damn good, even-handed review and I order you to read it now! :)


Well, I made a link banner. Yay. If you want to link to my site (although heaven knows why), you can use this code:

<a href="" title="It sneaks up through the long grass, then suddenly - BAM!">
<img src="">

This creates a banner which looks like the one below.


Well, I’m back from my trip away for work. They accidentally paid for a full breakfast for me, so I was up at 8 to take advantage of free bacon, eggs and mushrooms. I was going to go back to sleep… but then thought, what the hell. So 3 hours later, I’m home again.

Now for sleep.


The words, “Can I ask you a personal question?” always give me a sense of foreboding.

Tonight was no exception. They were uttered by a waitress in the hotel restaurant – a cute, though slightly dumpy lass. She looked nervous, but not nervous enough for it to be anything that she was personally concerned in. I guardedly said, “Of course.”

My suspicions deepened when she said, “You might be offended.” Nothing good ever followed that, in my experience. Said I, “It takes a hell of a lot to offend me.” Which is quite true, it’s years since I gave a toss.

“Did you notice a tall man in here a while ago?”

Not very personal, thought I. “No, I can’t say I did. I’ve been in a world of my own…”

She looks more uncomfortable. Now, it’s probably dawned on you already what’s coming next. It was a mild surprise to me, though.

“Well,” she said, “are you straight?”

Second time that’s happened to me.

Several exes can testify that I’m as straight as a particularly straight thing. But, why is that not obvious to the casual observer? I don’t have enough fashion sense to be gay! The only time my wrist has ever been limp is when I’ve been under anaesthesia…

Now, I’m not a homophobe, although the idea does jar a little with my position as both a biologist and a Christian. I’m actually rather flattered, particularly as, from what I can tell the guy (deputy manager) is actually quite good-looking. The waitress seemed to think he’d be quite disappointed.

There was a part of me that wanted to double-check the lock on my door, though. Does that make me a bad person? :-s


I’m a terrible n00b when it comes to IRC. I downloaded Colloquy, because Sam bullied me into trying to poke one of the messagestyles. (We had some success, but have a weird repeating-message bug with the latest nightly build). So, to test it I had to enter a channel. I joined #adium, of course.

Within 5 minutes, I was “+q”ed for the heinous crime of disturbing The_Tick while he was eating. Fair enough, I get ratty when I’m hungry, too. I still have no idea what that actually meant, but I do know I was the butt of some big joke. I’m not sure if I want to know… I feel the old cliché is probably relevant: ignorance is bliss.

Anyhew… I’m now addicted, and go in whenever I’m bored. Which is quite frequently. Frequently enough, in fact, that I’ve let my surreal humour escape in public, with the result that Catfish_Man now thinks I have a sordid past involving a bunch of sweaty guys.

I won’t enlighten you on whether he’s right or not. Ignorance, bliss.

[EDIT] So, I bit the bullet and asked. It means being silenced… How disappointing!

Spotlight 1.4

Spotlight 1.4 follows Shadowrunner 2 onto Adium X(tras). Smooth scrolling is fixed, thanks to Zaudragon getting the updated code.

Shadowrunner 2.0 released

Shadowrunner 2 has been released onto Adium X(tras). Yay!