Important Notice

Time for a short, but heartfelt, rant. :grr:

This site now feeds different stylesheets to many major browsers, to cope with their quirks in interpretation. This is possible thanks to the good folks at Techpatterns, and their awesome PHP browser detection scripts. Please let me know if the site – particularly the tabs – seems to be acting up.

Now, I can cope with a few slight differences between browsers – you can’t expect pixel-perfect alignment all the time (although I do have the odd wet dream about it). But if you’re using IE, for the love of all that is good, please get a decent browser, I can’t make the tabs display even remotely like I want to. In particular, anyone still using IE 5.2 for Mac should be shot. Get with the times! There are a lot of good browsers out there.

Your computer will (l) you for it, and so will I.

/me wanders off to mutter angrily about Microsoft refusing to support CSS

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