I’m a terrible n00b when it comes to IRC. I downloaded Colloquy, because Sam bullied me into trying to poke one of the messagestyles. (We had some success, but have a weird repeating-message bug with the latest nightly build). So, to test it I had to enter a channel. I joined #adium, of course.

Within 5 minutes, I was “+q”ed for the heinous crime of disturbing The_Tick while he was eating. Fair enough, I get ratty when I’m hungry, too. I still have no idea what that actually meant, but I do know I was the butt of some big joke. I’m not sure if I want to know… I feel the old cliché is probably relevant: ignorance is bliss.

Anyhew… I’m now addicted, and go in whenever I’m bored. Which is quite frequently. Frequently enough, in fact, that I’ve let my surreal humour escape in public, with the result that Catfish_Man now thinks I have a sordid past involving a bunch of sweaty guys.

I won’t enlighten you on whether he’s right or not. Ignorance, bliss.

[EDIT] So, I bit the bullet and asked. It means being silenced… How disappointing!

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