It’s Official –

I’m a geek. I’m in the Apple Store Bullring queue, waiting for the grand opening/Tiger launch, leeching from their network. Here’s a photo to prove it!

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  • budoink from the adium forums just in case you don’t twig

    crazy, i never realised you were so close to me. derby eh. i’m at birmingham uni. i’ve not ventured to the new apple store yet, i was considering going to the grand opening myself, how weird would that have been, meeting you without realising it! i didn’t anyhow with all the crap revision! so is the bullring your closest store?

  • Yup, Bullring is my closest store by… well, by a long way. Had a good day on Friday, met some cool queue buddies. You could tell we were geeks, though, by the sheer number of bluetooth devices I picked up when I transferred that photo!

    Birmingham’s a nice uni, I’ve been round a couple of times for open days etc. Plenty of green spaces… I really like campus universities. :)

  • i.. hate… geeks…

  • hey! its kathryn.. i hope this is the andrew allcorn i know.. if it is yay! if it isnt then ignore this comment! oh btw.. my cousin left that comment above (hes an emo freak..) and if ur wondering how i got this website.. i got bored and thought id write peoples names into google! so yay! well… byeee! xox

  • and no… i dont stalk u.. =p

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