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A Difficult Decision

Well, I’m torn. Not literally, because that would hurt quite a bit. But torn in a mental, non-blood-spurting way.

London, or Birmingham?

Shadowrunner 2.0

Shadowrunner 2 beta 2 is out. Same link as before. Added a header (I suggest you leave it off, but whatever floats your boat) and also changed the colour of the links in status messages to match better. I’ll probably stick this on Adium X(tras) in a few days time. Enjoy…

…You lose some.

Oops. Comments are now working again. I changed the settings to always redirect to and forgot to tell WordPress. :$ They must have been down for days before I noticed!

In other news, try Shadowrunner 2 already! πŸ˜›

You win some…

And this, my friends, is definitely a winner. I spent most of the night awake with SubEthaEdit (incidentally – wow, what an awesome piece of free software (l)) after I discovered some of the changes made to 10.3.9’s webkit. I’ve never seen an incremental upgrade this cool before. Get it while it’s hot!

Incidentally – what a geek I am. Should I end it all now, before it’s too late?

First news I had of the changes was the word on the Adium forums that min-height worked in 10.3.9. This was actually a problem for the person concerned, but it’s what I’ve been waiting for. Put this together with the fact that the opacity attribute is now fixed (and no longer leaks everywhere), and we make progress.

Enter: Shadowrunner 2.0!

What’s new?

  • sexy translucent message history – finally!
  • 48x48px icons versions
  • tweaked margins to look just that little bit sweeter
  • all-new background (the hottest of the lot) by Carlos-Alberto Wever
  • totally restructured code, making the style more efficient
  • general optimisation of download size

I’m gonna add a header (optional under Adium 0.8 of course), before release onto Adium X(tras). The other reason I’m holding back on a mainstream release is I need screenshots πŸ˜€ So the only place to get it for now is at the link below.

I’m looking for comments and suggestions. Please! No matter how trivial. Email me at the link on the right, or leave a comment on this post. :)

Shadowrunner 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better.

Fun for all the family

Ever tried to solve a technical problem over IM?

Tough, isn’t it. I was trying to work out why one of the interactive previews on my messagestyles page wasn’t working under 10.4, with a friend of mine. I made changes, and he tried to explain what the results were. It quickly got very frustrating. We gave up after a half-hour.

Eventually figured out that the issue was the smooth scrolling routine. How? 10.3.9 came along and roughed WebKit up a bit, so it was broken on my end, too. Took me all of a minute to solve the issue once I could reproduce it locally.

Makes me feel a lot more sympathetic for the Adium devs. Good job guys, we appreciate it.


Work continues on the site, with interactive previews added for two out of three message styles. It took me a couple of hours to figure out how to write some javascript to interact with the functions in the message style, and allow new content to be posted. Turns out I had it right after 10 mins but had accidentally left a linebreak in it, screwing it all up. They use the exact same html / css as the actual .adiummessagestyles, so they only work in Safari (or other webkit-based browsers).

I also had the chance to try out the site on IE 6 for Windows – it’s surprisingly good with most of the positioning, though it chokes badly on .pngs, and doesn’t like my header being a big ol’ link. Now, I just need Tom’s laptop for more thorough tests. Anyone got a burgling kit I could borrow?

I also found a php upload script (with progress bar), and I’ll be working to incorporate it to make hosting files easier.

In other news, I’ll be in London on 29th for the Tiger launch. Anyone else going?


Tiger has just appeared on the front page. April 29th…

At last. πŸ˜€

Important Notice

Time for a short, but heartfelt, rant. :grr:

This site now feeds different stylesheets to many major browsers, to cope with their quirks in interpretation. This is possible thanks to the good folks at Techpatterns, and their awesome PHP browser detection scripts. Please let me know if the site – particularly the tabs – seems to be acting up.

Now, I can cope with a few slight differences between browsers – you can’t expect pixel-perfect alignment all the time (although I do have the odd wet dream about it). But if you’re using IE, for the love of all that is good, please get a decent browser, I can’t make the tabs display even remotely like I want to. In particular, anyone still using IE 5.2 for Mac should be shot. Get with the times! There are a lot of good browsers out there.

Your computer will (l) you for it, and so will I.

/me wanders off to mutter angrily about Microsoft refusing to support CSS


Well, things are shaping up. Customisation includes a new header, rearranged sidebars and pages, and rewording of everything that felt American. Ugh.

Oh… and smilies :)


Nothing to see here, folks. You must have blundered here by accident.

This is a site in progress, soon to be the new home of Andy Allcorn, maker of Adium X(tras) and general dosser.

Current progress: WordPress is installed, and I’m finding my way around.

Next step: Customisation, baby!