National elections here today. I hate that horrible smile even more than I did 8 years ago. The thought of putting up with him for 5 more years is enough to make anyone want to end it all right now! Not to mention even more of my money going in tax (yes, I am a taxpayer, so I have a right to complain :))

Anyone know a good hitman? Or even a bad hitman?

3 Responses to “Bliar”

  • you have to admit that tony’s clearly much better than michael or charles though! I’d be ashamed and embarrassed to have either of them as my prime minister!

  • Meh, I’d rather have Michael, at least the country wouldn’t be broke.

    Actually, better yet, I’d vote for Rory Bremner.

  • ahh i know the feeling you had/have… when the election went to bush… indescribable, hope things go well!

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