teh snappy, revisited

Well, a virgin install of Tiger, and my PowerBook is flying. I wish there was a way to keep Safari this nippy, it’s as though my connection speed got doubled! (and yes, I checked, just in case… dammit.)

It looks fantastic, Spotlight races as fast as – or faster than – on the mini, and it’s solved my problem with those bloody colour profiles once and for all (touch wood). I can also build from source on here now, having installed Xcode – no more farting about with two machines. All in all, I’m feeling pretty happy.

68GB free on my HD. First time in many, many months I’ve had more than a couple of GB free 😀 I just have the long process of refilling this with all my stuff, now.

3 Responses to “teh snappy, revisited”

  • You know, it feels snappier on my sister’s iBook too. Not half as snappy as it’ll be with 512Mb of RAM though. It didn’t really speed up things on my powerbook at all, however.

  • I need to install Tiger… how much space is needed for Full/Archive Install and Upgrade? I think Full and Archive will be the same but I just want to ask.

  • Upgrade takes very little space. Full install was around 2.7GB I think – but I cut it down to about 2 by getting rid of some of those wretched printer drivers.

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