On films

Quick tip to y’all – never spend more than a couple of hours in the cinema at once. It’s very confusing.

I walked out this evening, not sure if I should be swinging a lightsabre or singing, “So long, and thanks for all the fish!” – bit of a problem when you have to drive home, really.

So, yeah. Today was Catch Up On All The Films Everyone Else Saw Weeks Ago Day. Tom (a good friend from my old school) is back from Durham for a couple of days, and suggested we see Revenge of the Sith (in his case, for the second time)… Seeing as Sam is until further notice, err, Otherwise Engaged, we went to Burton and saw it in the deluxe screen – the only cinema with enough leg room for us freakishly tall people. Good film, easily the best of the 6. Although, I do agree with Sam that it was all tied up a little bit too neatly – especially throwing Chewbacca in there, albeit as a cameo. That was just showing off :/

Anyway, I enjoyed it, and it was good to catch up. The weirdness comes in the fact that a mere hour or so before, I’d been sat in a different cinema with Gretchen (heh, yeah – don’t ask) watching the excellent Hitchhiker’s Guide. I was well and truly impressed with that film, especially as a great fan of the books, television and – most of all – the radio series. Incidentally, if you haven’t heard the radio series, you really should. It’s some of the funniest, most enduring material I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, the film – I didn’t know how well the story would scale to the big screen, but it works very well. There’s some stuff added, but it’s all very much in the spirit of the originals, and fits in nicely without disrupting the story (which was my main complaint with the tinkering that occurred in Lord of the Rings). I’m particularly anal about stuff like this, so if I’m satisfied then you know it’s been done damn well. The actors are well chosen (I’m not entirely convinced by Zaphod, but he’s still not bad), and the dialogue is very Adams-esque – although there are a couple of points where I’m waiting for the last line of the gag which I know by heart, and it never comes 😀 The animations for the guide are pant-wettingly funny, though, especially if you know what’s coming. Gretch was giving me some really funny looks, I think I found it too funny…

So, before this post makes the transition from “rather long” to “epic”, let’s sum up.

  • The award for the Film You Should Watch The Most Times goes to: The Hitchhiker’s Guide. There’s so much you’ll miss the first time. And it’ll be so much funnier the second time. It always is.
  • The award for the Film You Could Take A Philistine To goes to: The Hitchhiker’s Guide. It’s the most approachable of the two, it’s still good even if you’ve never heard of it before (so Gretchen tells me, anyway. Hehe).
  • The award for the Film You Must See goes to: Revenge of the Sith, cos, well, you just gotta.

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