Monthly Archive for June, 2005


Anyone got any suggestions as to the best way to check for an active internet connection? It needs to run from within a widget, and preferably give me a result I can access with Javascript. Any ideas, email me please!

This doesn’t really need a title

Got round to calibrating my LCD yesterday. Mmm, rich, luscious blues. The whole light greys thing is still screwed up though.


Edit: the author emailed me, and all bad feeling on my part has now evaporated. So, whilst I’m still an awkward git, at least I’m an awkward git in a decent mood again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this. Someone’s released a copy of my radio widget.

That’s cool, and I’m flattered. It’s also got quite a nice skin. Here’s what’s peeved me though – he didn’t ask permission, and any mention of my name has mysteriously disappeared.

Well, I didn’t forbid that, so I suppose I can’t complain (I shall be adding a few lines to the start of every file in the download soon though) – and I guess I’m just really vain, and want people to love me. I do feel a bit hurt though. At least it doesn’t suck, that would have just been insulting! ๐Ÿ˜€

On the plus side, it’s made me think seriously about adding a new skin to the widget, and given me some ideas. Also, there’s gonna be an authorised copy coming out soon for some Swedish stations. Yay :)

PS – to anyone experiencing that crash after sleep/ on network disconnect, I’m working on it.

In a dash

DashBlog rocks.

What I’d like to see is a scrolling drawer rather than a fading one, and a few other fixes. I’ll have to email the author. Or change it myself…

Water… need water…

Ok, so where did this heat wave come from? There was no warning! It was raining and gloomy yesterday, then suddenly it brightened up. Today I’m dying in the heat. And I have to wear full length trousers for work, no fair!

Widgety goodness

Superseded by version 2.2.

Welcome, visitors from Dashboard Widgets! And from, as of 12th June. Please don’t be too scared.

I suppose I should make a post about my widget here. It’s, uh, really cool. It plays radio streams from the BBC, and looks pretty smart to boot. And yes, of course I’m biased.

Any suggestions or support queries – please check out the helpful comments to this thread. I’ll try to get them organised into an FAQ. You can also send them to me via email if you like. :)

I’ll be submitting it to Apple soon… but their submission guidelines say I need a “specific supporting website” – so I actually have to think of some stuff to put on a page :roll:

Oh yeah, if you didn’t come here from the widget and don’t fancy wading through the archives over at Dashboard Widgets, you can get it right here.

Update: I uploaded the widget to Apple, and it’s there right now. Quadrupled my blog traffic overnight!

I still can’t believe it.


Why do Americans who write software only take payment by Mastercard or Visa? I use neither – in fast I use Maestro, which is pretty popular here in the UK – so I can’t buy their software.

Instead I have to put up with their bloody nag screens, telling me to register. I tried, you twats. One of my favourite apps – it shall remain nameless – even phones home, so I’ve had to Little Snitch it.

I want to buy your software, but I can’t. So until you make it possible for me to give you money – and yes, the onus is on you, seeing as you’re the one who benefits from it – you can stuff your nag screen where the sun doesn’t shine.

And no, that is not the amusingly-named place in Lancre.

La musique

Well, I bought more music. I don’t usually buy much, but I do support bands I think have talent, and these two fall into that category… So why?

I reckon Oasis are rather overrated on the whole. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a cut above the dross that gets churned out by most major labels at the moment, rather that I don’t usually rave over their songs. This album, however, is a bit different. Obviously, we’ve all heard the first single, Lyla, already – and unsurprisingly it’s the best track on the album. Never have I wanted to pick up a guitar more in my life. There are others that come close though – notably the swingin’ Part of the Queue, and the pure rock of A Bell Will Ring. The only other track that’s particularly worth mentioning here is Let There Be Love. At first I thought it was Coldplay… but then I liked it after all. A solid album, likeable from the off.

The Invisible Invasion is a different beast entirely. The Coral’s records have always been rather insidious: you hate them, yet you come back for more, and end up liking them. You’re just never sure why… This little fellow is no different. Interestingly enough, as with The Coral there’s one track that stands out as an instant hit (the annoyingly catchy In the Morning), while the others sound somewhat peculiar. I’ve already played it through twice, though, and it’s gonna get plenty more. These guys are undeniably, intriguingly, refreshingly different. It’ll grow on you like a foot fungus.

Go buy.