La musique

Well, I bought more music. I don’t usually buy much, but I do support bands I think have talent, and these two fall into that category… So why?

I reckon Oasis are rather overrated on the whole. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a cut above the dross that gets churned out by most major labels at the moment, rather that I don’t usually rave over their songs. This album, however, is a bit different. Obviously, we’ve all heard the first single, Lyla, already – and unsurprisingly it’s the best track on the album. Never have I wanted to pick up a guitar more in my life. There are others that come close though – notably the swingin’ Part of the Queue, and the pure rock of A Bell Will Ring. The only other track that’s particularly worth mentioning here is Let There Be Love. At first I thought it was Coldplay… but then I liked it after all. A solid album, likeable from the off.

The Invisible Invasion is a different beast entirely. The Coral’s records have always been rather insidious: you hate them, yet you come back for more, and end up liking them. You’re just never sure why… This little fellow is no different. Interestingly enough, as with The Coral there’s one track that stands out as an instant hit (the annoyingly catchy In the Morning), while the others sound somewhat peculiar. I’ve already played it through twice, though, and it’s gonna get plenty more. These guys are undeniably, intriguingly, refreshingly different. It’ll grow on you like a foot fungus.

Go buy.

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