Why do Americans who write software only take payment by Mastercard or Visa? I use neither – in fast I use Maestro, which is pretty popular here in the UK – so I can’t buy their software.

Instead I have to put up with their bloody nag screens, telling me to register. I tried, you twats. One of my favourite apps – it shall remain nameless – even phones home, so I’ve had to Little Snitch it.

I want to buy your software, but I can’t. So until you make it possible for me to give you money – and yes, the onus is on you, seeing as you’re the one who benefits from it – you can stuff your nag screen where the sun doesn’t shine.

And no, that is not the amusingly-named place in Lancre.

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  • Do they not event take paypal?

  • Nope. Not that this would be much use to me anyway, because PayPal are a bunch of queers… but that’s another story.

  • I always thought (at least here in the ‘States) that Maestro and MasterCard were intertwined (their logos look similar) – have you looked into that? Anyway, I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with that.

  • Hi

    Maestro is a Debit Card from Mastercard ( you should be able to use it anywhere that takes Mastercard. I use my debit card (Delta) as a VISA card as that’s who handle the charging etc. I am assuming the same with Maestro, that it handles the same as a Mastercard but just comes direct from your account.

  • Maestro’s a bit funky here in the UK. Think I tried that one before – seemed to be a no-go. Of course, when they changed the branding from Switch to Maestro, things got fun, with my new card getting rejected a fair amount. :( That’s settled down now, maybe I’ll give it another try.

  • offensive little bigot aren’t you

  • Is that a question? I can take criticism, so I’m leaving that post in situ. However, I hope I’m not alone in finding it rather unjustified.

    Whois on your domain gives me a CA address. So I wonder if you’re the same Wolf Ledermann who posted on this BBC news page? If so I don’t think you’ve really got the right to call anyone else offensive! :)

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