In a dash

DashBlog rocks.

What I’d like to see is a scrolling drawer rather than a fading one, and a few other fixes. I’ll have to email the author. Or change it myself…

4 Responses to “In a dash”

  • It’s brilliant that it actually lets my post a title to blogger. 90% of blogger apps don’t let you, it’s madness.
    I just really want ‘add image’ and ‘add link’ buttons. They’d make my metaphorical day.

  • This is true, I’d kill for features like that. Though, I can’t see “add image” being a trivial matter… Links would be quite possible though, I suspect. *gets an idea*

  • Although ‘add image’ could be as simple as adding ” to the post field thingy. I’d be happy with that.

  • you mean <img>? (sorry, I need to make this blog software more clever in that department). Yeah, I suppose so. Or it could ask for urls… :)

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