Monthly Archive for July, 2005

On vacation!

I’m off on holiday for 3 weeks, to Abersoch. Well, it’s not exactly a holiday, but it should be good fun. Needless to say, emails will go unanswered. Have a good summer!

A tale of two Londons

Well, after the elation of London winning the 2012 Olympic bid (yay!), there’s a very different mood in the UK today.

6 bombs in tube stations and one on a double decker bus can have that effect. As I write, there is still no figure for deaths or even injuries, but it looks pretty grim. A group apparently related to Al Quaeda is claiming responsibility. My prayers are obviously with the victims, and their worried families.

I’m already worried, though – and not for my safety. Something like this was bound to happen eventually. It’ll happen again. You can never keep everybody happy, no matter how hard you try, and certain unhappy people have a screw loose. It’s an ever-present risk.

No, I’m worried that we’ll get even more dangerous legislation passed in the House of Commons, and even less opposition to it. We’ve already had such delights as the Home Secretary being granted the power to imprison without trial, and this government giving itself the power to suspend any law in the country in “emergency situations”. The thought of a government so untrustworthy as this one with that kind of power literally terrifies me.

So where will we go next? The ID Card bill will likely pass through parliament easily now, with everyone conveniently failing to notice that ID Cards would have made no difference whatsoever to today’s proceedings. But what weird and wacky new policies will Tony Blair and his not-so-merry men draw from today’s events? I dread to think.