BBC Radio 1.6 Update

Superseded by version 2.2.

Finally. So what’s new?

  • Avoids a crash if you have no internet connection – displays a polite notice instead
  • Added regional radio stations for Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Future plans are a complete rewrite (eventually, for v2.0) and in the short term complete listings of BBC Local Radio. That’ll be a pain though, not least because I’ll have to make images for each one, and that will take forever!


19 Responses to “BBC Radio 1.6 Update”

  • What does it mean when there are two little lego blocks where the play and volume icons should be? That was a little confusing.

  • That means you need to head over to and download v10 of Real Player (find the small link to the free version in the top right).

  • I am in Naples Florida and can’t seem to be able to recieve the Beeb. Help

  • Peter – I suggest you read the comments on this post for help on getting the widget to work. If this doesn’t help, then email me with the exact symptoms you’re experiencing!

  • Hawkman,

    Your wedget is so fabulous! I cannot wait to telling my friends! Thank you!

    Han Qi
    Washington and Lee University’09

  • It is a good concept. Brilliant for ex-pats – working in the USA where the media is somewhat “different” to home. I would love for this to work well. However, I only seem to get radio 4! – much as I like it, the widget does not allow me to change station. Is there any way of getting it to work with itunes – to allow it to play through airtunes to my speakers. Tall order, I know, but even if you have made a fully functional “radio 4 player” it isn’t bad. Best wishes. D

  • Dave – I assume you know that you need to click the “i” button and change the station on the rear? If it just doesn’t work after changing station, you probably need to update Real Player, as behaviour like this is fairly classic of their older versions. Check my advice in my first reply (to Kurt).

    As for Airtunes/Airport Express – the best you’ll get is probably AirFoil.

  • Just a note to say, thanks much for creating this widget!
    It is hands-down my favorite widget (that says alot as there are some other great ones out there) and I use it daily…
    Looking forward to the 3 new channels the update provides.

    Thanks again!

  • This WOULD be my favourite widget but I cant get it to work! Got realplayer and permenently connected to the net but it always says “Not conected to the internet”. Grr!

  • Andy – I’m gonna take a bet that you’re not running 10.4.2, and you need to be for this version of the widget! There are some important improvements in Dashboard that v1.6 of the widget needs, otherwise you’ll get behaviour like this… So, yet another good reason to stay current.

  • Hi Hawkman,

    As previously posted, I love this widget. Thanks for all your hard work! Something I’ve just noticed, though, is that the widget’s continously pre-streaming audio even if ‘play’ hasn’t been selected, whilst I’m looking at the Dashboard…

    Is it possible for you to make pre-streaming a switchable option? I appreciate that it improves response times for starting ‘play’, but I find it a bit annoying that it’s actually using my DSL’s bandwidth when I haven’t yet asked the widget to actually play anything yet!

    Thanks – all the best,


  • Fantastic Widget!! Many thanks for all your hard work.

  • hi. i’ve got real player, osx 10.4.2 broadband cable connection and widget wont work. i can stream the radio on the radio 1 website. but this wont work any ideas? my xfm widget doesnt work either. lovce the idea though. nice one. JON

  • Jon – Won’t work? That’s not a hugely helpful description 😉 What exactly are the symptoms?

  • Jason – that’s something Real Player does on its own, nothing I can do about that. My eventual rewrite will eliminate that issue cos I’ll be using a different method entirely.. Speaking of which, anyone good at designing buttons?

  • Howdy!
    Not an ex-pat, but a BBC devotee for a long time.
    Love it!
    This widget gets the most workout. Number two is the conversion table. This year, number three is the hurricane updates.
    I was just shutting down the machine after listening to a bit comedy.
    It is so good to be able to go straight to the source when you know what you want.
    Thanks, Hawkman!
    ¡Gracias por todo!
    (or, as “they” say at the White House – ¡Gracias por Toto!)

  • Where do i get an XFM widget

  • Search me. Try or

  • Searched high and low and no luck
    Let me know if you see it, i know theres one out there

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