BBC Radio 1.7

Superseded by version 2.2.

Seems like only a short while ago I released v1.6… This new version adds local radio listings. Yes, all 40 stations. It took a long time!

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  • Hi Hawkman,

    Thanks for all your hard work – it’s great to see all the local radio listing added now!

    I still have an issue with the pre-streaming of audio though (i.e. when Dashboard is active but no music is actually playing from your widget), thus tying up the DSL to a certain extent.

    Is it possible for you to make pre-streaming a switchable option? I appreciate that it improves response times for starting ‘play’, but it’d be nice if this was a user-option, as I’d rather not have to disable the widget completely when not wanting it to tie up a portion of the DSL…

    Thanks – all the best,


  • I do not get play and volume buttons – only two Java icons.

    Any suggestions?

  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t quite know why. I press the play button but get no response. Other times it will work. When I change the station it often will not work after that.

    I have downloaded RealPlayer10 and it works OK.

    When it does work its great!

    Any ideas??

  • This is an absolutely amazine widget. My favourite ever. Congratulations.

  • Tends not to work for me. On load it tells me I have no internet connection, when all other widgets are connecting, then when that resolves itself a while later, it doesn’t work. Only got it to work once so far.

  • Andy – You need Mac OS 10.4.2 or better for this version of the widget, otherwise you’ll experience erratic behaviour like that!

  • Jules – You need to install Real Player.

    Peter – Interesting problem. It sounds a hell of a lot like the older-version-of-Real-Player problem, but you say you’re running 10. Hmm.

  • I can’t listen to live sporting events on five live. It says ” Due to contractual obligations, we cannot give you the live program on five live.” It says that on some other channels too. What do I do?

  • Well, uh, unless you’re going to renegotiate 5 Live’s contracts…. there’s not a lot you can do! You could write a letter of complaint.

  • Works about 1 out of 10 tries. When working, always will quit when station changed. Mac OS 10.4.3, RealOne Player 9.0

  • The icon doesn’t change when I change channels – just stays showing “Radio 1” icon. Other than that it’s great

  • downloaded widget but doesnt work. just get two java icons same as jules. Any ideas?

  • James – please see my response to Jules five posts above yours!

    Peter – You need Real Player 10.

    The answer to 99% of the problems that are reported is: Install Real Player 10! It’s listed as a requirement on the download pages… Seriously, please try this before posting a question guys and girls! :)

  • When I put the computer to sleep, there is an error message on wake-up. The message is from Real Player (network connection lost etc.) so you may not be able to do anything about it – but it would be nice if you could stop it happening, or hijack it with your own friendlier message (I’m thinking of my computer-illiterate father, for whom this widget is intended!). Or maybe just make the widget stop when the computer goes to sleep? Thanks!

  • I love this widget, but…

    I want to have multiple instances of the widget each set to a different station so that I can easily swich between my favorite stations. This works except that after a restart all the instances are set to the same station. Any chanace that you could fix/implement this feature?

    I am using MacOS 10.4.4 and Real Player 10.0.0


  • I’m afraid this widget is not working for me. I have RealPlayer v10, OSX 10.4.5, a DSL internet connection and an iMac Intel G5. Any ideas?

  • Wayne – Real Player isn’t yet a universal binary, so running the plugin inside an Intel-native app such as Dashboard isn’t possible yet, sorry.

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