Arr matey

I just watched the excellent Pirates of Silicon Valley, and I’m just about to watch it again… For those who don’t know, it’s a high quality made-for-TV movie about Steve Jobs, Woz and the other Apple guys in the early days, and their fight with Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Steve “Ballistic” Ballmer of Microsoft.

It’s seriously good, even if you’re only vaguely interested in how it all began. Noah Wyle does an awesome Jobs: a bit of a hippie, with the ability to inspire and terrify those around him, often simultaneously. There’s plenty of that Jobsian unpredictability and irrationality that we’ve come to love, too. Gates is portrayed in a surprisingly poor light (not that he doesn’t deserve it, if you ask me), with Anthony Michael Hall’s character often seemly creepy and frankly evil.

Anyway… Quality little film. I had to buy it on import, though, so it’s looking like I might have to patch my firmware if I want to watch it much. That’s a question for another day, though.

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