BBC Radio 1.8

Superseded by version 2.2.

Just a quick update to add Five Live Sports Xtra UK – for coverage of sports events for which the BBC doesn’t have international broadcast rights. I’m guessing this station is only available to UK IP addresses.

Anyway, this now means that test match coverage is available for cricket fans. Get it here!

Unfortunately, the widget still won’t run on Intel Macs – Real Player is PPC-native, so the plugin (which BBC Radio widget uses to decode audio) can’t run inside Intel-native apps such as Dashboard. Hopefully Real will sort it out soon!
Real sorted it out! (And it only took 9 months…). You’ll need RealPlayer 10.1 if you want to listen on an Intel Mac.

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  • how long well it be untill bbc radio 1.8 well work on my macbook pro? Thank you.

  • Paul – as I said in the post, the widget won’t work on Intel Macs till Real release a universal binary of Real Player. So only they know what timeframe that will be in!

  • Great widget … nice and tidy and works well. All good.

    Except for the cricket, when you are outside the UK!

    Will keep on longing. And looking.

  • BTW … didn’t mean to seem ungrateful. I do like your widget. I just want ot be able to listen to the cricket (!)

  • Firstly, a superb widget – saves me from storing applescripts all over the place.
    Only a minor thing: I have noticed that the play button remains greyed out when I first go into widgets and wont activate until I leave widgets and wait a couple of mins. Is this a problem with the plugin or something that you could fix?

  • Gringo – Just buy a new house :)

    Biskit – That’s not an issue I’ve noticed; it always loads pretty quickly (a few seconds) here. Is that only on the first launch of Dashboard?

  • I’m having a problem with this widget. It says I’ve no internet connection when I do. I’ve read somewhere else about changing proxies but don’t know what to do. Can someone help?

  • Phile, the most common cause of this is running a pre-10.4.2 system, as the mechanism for checking takes advantage of Dashboard fixes that they implemented in that release. If you’re running an early system, I suggest you upgrade – there are some important security enhancements, too.

  • This widget looks great and will be brilliant for me but like Biskit the play button is greyed out. I’m running 10.4.6 and I’ve installed Real Palyer 10. Any ideas anybody? Do I need to do something to ‘activate’ this widget?

  • Tony, if the play button is greyed out it probably means RealPlayer is having trouble connecting. Can you play streams in RealPlayer itself? How about from the BBC website?

  • Hi Hawkman – thanks for the speedy reply.
    Everything was fine when I turned my Mac on today. So, I conclude that ‘maybe’ I needed to restart after installation.
    In any event thanks for a auper little widget.
    Tony – Wales

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