Monthly Archive for April, 2006

New link: Daring Fireball

So, John Gruber over at Daring Fireball went full-time (yay). I’m excited for him, and thrilled that I’ll get to read so many more articles. His writing is some of the best I’ve come across; interesting, engaging, and often rather witty. He is also one of the few bloggers who thinks before he writes; and thinks hard, at that. Certainly, whenever I need an intelligent opinion on recent Apple-related events, Daring Fireball is my first stop. He’s got a great-looking site, too. Proof that less is most definitely more.

So, since the loan came through I’m now a fully paid-up member. I suggest you head on over there or check out the archives; definitely one to bookmark, if you ask me.

NSProgressIndicator – for widgets!

During my work on a couple of projects – including the forthcoming major upgrade to the BBC Radio widget – I desired a simple, OS X-like progress indicator, similar to Apple’s NSProgressIndicator. I found that a couple of people have implemented something similar in Dashboard widgets; generally in the form of an animated .gif. That’s fine, so long as your background is white. Mine isn’t.

So I opted to construct my own; I threw together a simple AppleScript Studio program, made a transparent window and took a screenshot of the indicator in each of its positions, then strung these together into a sequence of .png images, animated with the magic of Javascript. Seeing as I’d put a fair amount of effort into it, I decided to clean up my code and release it, just in case someone else would find it useful. As far as I can tell, it’s an exact replication in WebKit of the NSProgressIndicator circular spinner; and it works in the only browsers I’ve tested it in, Safari 2.0, FireFox 1.0.7, and (perhaps surprisingly) IE:Mac.

You can test it out here, or download it here.

[update] – I’ve seen a few downloads of this little tool; obviously, I didn’t expect many… it’s a bit of a niche product, to say the least! If you end up using this in a project, I’d love to hear about it – just drop me an email from the panel on the right. Obviously, any problems and I’ll do my best to fix them :)

PS. No using this in and Microsoft- or Windows-based projects. You should ask before commercial use, too.

I really don’t like them

Words just aren’t enough for me to properly convey my opinions of comment spammers. As a temporary measure, all users will have to register to post a comment – sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m hoping to cut down on the amount of cleaning up I have to do. And remember, you can still email me! (Thank goodness for intelligent email filters…)

On a lighter note, you may be interested in a sneak peak of what’s coming soon…