RealPlayer goes Universal

Good news for owners of Intel Macs – RealPlayer 10.1 is out and it’s a Universal Binary.

Go grab it now and enjoy listening to BBC Radio on your Dashboard once again!

Nice of Real to finally join the Intel party. What took you so long guys?

3 Responses to “RealPlayer goes Universal”

  • Hi,

    So I downloaded and installed the new Real Player (Free version), 10.1. But on my intel iMac the dashboard widget still has two small lego bricks shown, and doesn’t appear to work – I understand this is because the plugin was using the non-universal binary real-player – so what Have I got wrong?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Ah….required a reboot. Ignore that enquiry! Great stuff :)

  • OK….Intel IMac…..I have Real 10.1, fitted and installed. I have downloaded 1.8 Player, and for a while all was well.


    I tried to launch Player, and get a message RealPlayer: Cannot open the audio device. Another application may be using it. I also get the red circle with bar in the Manage Widgets window.

    What is wrong ?


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