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I’m getting very tired of being called a zealot.

Take the continuing saga of the supposed MacBook wireless exploit. There’s been a lot of good coverage – particularly, as ever, John Gruber’s articles over at Daring Fireball – but despite some healthy discussion, the argument always boils down to one thing: “Mac users are all crazy.”

Why is this even an anti-Mac issue anyway? It’s really a multiplatform issue – and that’s if we can take the unsubstantiated claims of the researchers seriously. Perhaps the flamebait title of “Hacking a MacBook in 60 seconds or less” in the original article (deliberately not linked) has something to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong – this whole fiasco has provided some good laughs – but things are getting out of hand, as always seems to be the case these days. Now, I’ve decided my position in this case; the lack of evidence and vehement denial by Lynn Fox that even Apple have been provided with any evidence of an exploit leads me to believe that there really isn’t one. Underneath all the claims, there’s just nothing. Imay still be wrong, of course; but this seems the most likely explanation, given the facts we currently have.

However, it got me thinking – well, despairing, really – about the wider situation. It’s simply impossible to have good dialogue about Mac issues these days. We get, essentially, a five-step process:

  1. Article – which might be construed, possibly, if you actually want to take offence, as critical to the Mac – is published.
  2. Mac-using kooks respond, saying that whoever wrote the article is an idiot and “Mac Rulez, n00b”.
  3. Those who actually think before they type write a reasoned response, either (i) admitting that the author could have a point, or (ii) agreeing that the author is an idiot; either way, this is drowned out by:
  4. Non-Mac-ising kooks respond to the Mac-using kooks, saying “Mac suckz0rs” and generally being just as stupid.
  5. Everybody else goes along for the ride, because Mac users are all smug bastards, right? They deserve to get smacked down with incomprehensible arguments! Let’s sling some mud!*

So where’s this article going? What’s the solution?

I don’t have one. I’m just going to go cry for a while.

* Ok, so actually this MacBook exploit thing was more like:

  1. Flamebait posted
  2. Shockingly, it gets flamed
  3. The flames get flamed, oh noes!

But on the internet, that’s just called ‘discussion’.

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