BBC Radio Widget v2.2

BBC Radio 2.2 is here!Well, it’s finally here! BBC Radio Widget 2.2 hits the internet with the full force of… well, with full force, anyway.

I know I’ve been promising this for nearly a fortnight now but – what can I say – I’ve been busy! Speaking of which, you may have noticed a few changes around here

This version includes a final fix for that irritating freezing problem many people were experiencing, along with speed improvements, and other fixes. Get yours while it’s hot at the all-new widgets page.

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  • I dont know if this is just my machine but after installing the latest Apple update my BBC radio widget seems to have stopped working.

  • same here, with last update 10.4.8 widget doesn’t work.

  • Yeah, my widget no longer works in 10.4.8! :-(

  • How odd. Now the widget is working.

  • Personally, I’ve had no problems on any machine I’ve updated. You can understand how that would make any problems tough to track down!

    Some past updates have allegedly broken internet plugins. As ever, my advice is to first try reinstalling RealPlayer and the plugin. If that’s no help, please contact me with as detailed information as you can – exact behaviour, what you’ve tried, etc – and I’ll try to help. Response time at the moment is pitiful, however, as I have no net connection in my current accommodation.

  • my bbc widget would not connect to realplayer – well your advice is correct – delete widget, then fire up realplayer, hide player, then download bbc widget again – works like a charm!!!!!

  • You should also add the World Service Live News station, which is a separate one from just World Service with the next update. The .ram file is at

  • Excellent. BUT I can in fact only get it (and Real Player of course) to work if I set the Tansport Preferences manually as per the download notes – maybe I should have realised this earlier!

  • I was also pulling my hair out for two days after my new intel powerbook refused to play BBC sound.
    Finally I stumbled upon the most bizarre of solutions suggested in

    It says I should start and then stop GarageBand – I didn’t even know I had Garage Band on my machine !

    But the bottom line is – after a restart I can hear BBC again (i.e. RealPlay works again)and and enjoying the benefits of this great Widget.

    Hope this post is useful to others.

  • The Radio 5 stream doesn’t allow you to listen to live football games, however using this link instead (on Radio Tuner) you get full 5live coverage.

  • This works fine now. And as I am out of the country, it is great to hear English sounds.

  • I love this widget and have used it for ages with no issue. Recently however I have found that it takes ages to connect to the stream (spinning marker) and also swapping from one station to another often does not work or cracks up. I have tried un-installing and re-installing ver. 2.2 which did not help. Looking at Console I keep getting the same error:

    2007-02-17 12:27:47.430 DashboardClient[1378] (com.phantomgorilla.widget.bbcradio) file:///Users/simon/Library/Widgets/BBC%20Radio.wdgt/BBC%20Radio.js: Null value (line: 1571)
    (event handler):Null value

    I have MBP C2D and 10.4.8. Any one else have this issue? I saw a comment about Transport Preferences but not sure where this is?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Mike’s issue can be solved if you play the UK version of the 5 Live stream instead of the international one – check to make sure you have the correct one selected if you’re getting this. It needs a UK IP address though.

    Simon: That error shouldn’t affect playback, you’ll only see it when you flip the widget over. Nothing to worry about. Any slow starting of playback is likely due to your internet connection, as it can take some time to auto-discover settings. This is particularly likely to be true if you’re on, say, a corporate or educational network. Something’s probably changed which makes it more difficult to negotiate a connection, either on your local network or with your ISP. Unfortunately, the only way you may get a speed improvement is by setting your network preferences manually in RealPlayer – and those preferences will be unique for your situation. If you’re on a managed network the administrator should be able to help.

  • I discovered the BBC widget yesterday. What an elegant and useful tool. I like it!

  • why, why, why, why, ad infinitum!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it bloody doesn’t work and I need my 3:00 am BBC news fix, blast you.

  • why, why, why, why, ad infinitum!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it bloody doesn’t work and I need my 3:00 am BBC news fix, blast you.

  • why, why, why, why, ad infinitum!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it bloody doesn’t work and I need my 3:00 am BBC news fix, blast you.

  • Hi
    So i’m tearing my hair out. i’ve installed the new version of the BBC widget for my Mac, but for some reason it will only run for a couple of minutes then it stops playing and i have to play it again.
    Can anyone help?

  • mel, mimi: There is a bug in Dashboard which means that every time the audio stream needs to be buffered, the audio will cut out if Dashboard is hidden. It does not appear to be anything I can work around – it’s a Dashboard bug and sadly only Apple can fix it. You can use the widget on the Desktop in Dashboard developer mode, but it’s hardly a solution.

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