New Music!

Five O'Clock Heroes - Bend to the BreaksIt’s been a week of new things – new site, new widget, new message style… So it only seems right that I should blog about my new music.

I was wandering through town the other day with my mother – I forget why exactly, I’d not slept and it seemed like a good idea (you know, being sociable and all) till I nearly fell asleep as I was walking along – but to cut a long story short, I walked by Reveal Records, our local indie-type store, and couldn’t resist going in. After browsing for ten minutes or so, I was on my way out when I spotted the long-awaited album from the Five O’clock Heroes » on the shelf. Huzzah! I have no idea when it came out – they’re not a big band (yet), so there wouldn’t have been a huge fuss; I’m still surprised I missed it. But anyway.

I first blogged about these guys almost a year ago having seen them play a gig in York. I was totally obsessed with them for some time, and, truth be told, I’m still a pretty big fan. Their guitar playing is upbeat, infectious, and damn difficult to get out of your head. Their videos are pretty cool, too. I particularly recommend Run to Her, Head Games and Time On My Hands… All available in the newly-rechristened iTunes Store ». And no, that’s not a paid affiliate link, because them’s be dirty tactics. Get your ass over there to check them out!

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