Rant Time

Woo! Rant Time!

Un lapin heureux.

Un lapin heureux

You may have noticed that there aren’t any adverts on PhantomGorilla.com. That’s because I’m not too keen on them. People don’t come to this site looking for adverts, they come looking for content. My bandwidth bills, while non-trivial, aren’t that big; I can pay them myself. I’m not a site like Engadget, which must pay an absolute fortune… I can understand why they have so many adverts (even though I still loathe them with a passion). So, no ads – just content. I have a donation option – but that’s voluntary. I’m not profiting unfairly from my readers.

Lately I’ve had several emails from software update websites, telling me that BBC Radio Widget is listed on them. This annoys me. Why? Well, visit one of their pages, and what do you see? ADVERTS. Everywhere. They’re listing my software, without permission, and putting adverts on the page – profiting from work I offer for free. That’s low.

Now, I’m not totally against sites like this – I voluntarily list on Versiontracker and MacUpdate. But there’s a difference here: I choose to. I submitted the information. I can opt out if I want to, and not have my products displayed. That’s fine with me, and, frankly, the only honest way to run a business like that.

Most of these places, however, have no obvious way to get my listing removed. No button saying, “Actually, I’d rather you scumbags don’t profit from my hard work, thanks very much.” I think that’s disgusting, and I’m rather peeved right now.

Now, I realise that some sites accept submissions from users, as well as developers. Now that’s fine, and I appreciate the fact that a user has taken the time to do it – but that doesn’t change things: the site should still ask the developer’s permission before listing on any page which contains adverts.

Chances are, I’d probably allow the listing, if I were asked. I’m generally a fairly agreeable guy, when people are polite and honest with me. I don’t tolerate sneaky, underhand tactics though. I’m strongly considering blocking referrals from for-profit sites which have not asked my permission.

Je ne suis pas un lapin heureux.

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