So I bought a MacBook…

Yeah, I know they’ll probably be updated very soon, but I really need one now – before I go back to uni. I’m resigned to the fact that Merom-powered updates will be out sooner or later – probably sooner – but so long as not too many of the features are upgraded (better graphics would make me mad) I’ll be content. I don’t see this as a long-term machine; I desperately need more power in my mobile computing, but I forsee my main Mac in the future being a desktop. So much more bang for your buck.

I feel very extravagant right now, but I should point out that I’m going for the low-end machine; also, hello educational discount! Besides, my current Mac is a PB 12″ 867, with a paltry 256MB RAM. Hardly a stellar machine for development work. Here’s to a larger screen and enough memory and processor power to ensure I won’t spend half my time waiting for that damn Beachball of Doom to go away! (Seriously, half my time. I’m actually not exaggerating.)

So, how am I affording this? Waving goodbye to childhood savings, and a loan from my Dad. I’m not worried; I know this money is well spent.

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