Monthly Archive for October, 2006

MacBook comments

MacBookIt’s fast. Really fast. Video encoding flies; code compiling is… bearable; startup is speedy; no long delays if I come back to it after some time away.

It’s changed how I work. Spotlight is now so fast it’s quicker to hit command-space and type a few letters than it is to navigate to files, even if I know where they are.

I love EyeTV. Recording is so straightforward.

The Apple remote is very well designed. It may be basic, but I very rarely find myself pining for another button. I love Front Row, too: particularly the ability to resume movies from where I left off last time.

The built-in camera is not as exciting as you might think. I’ve not used it since the first couple of days.

The surface on the MacBook isn’t great. Closing the lid has damaged it in paces. Grr.

MagSafe really works.

You can never have a large enough hard drive. 120GB already seems small…

I’m going outside now – I may be some time

No internet connection for – gulp – a month or more! Please address all enquiries to my email, I’ll aim to get back to you in reasonable time. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that Cinematic is going on general release after all. Enjoy!