BBC Radio Widget v3.0

BBC Radio 3.0 is here!

There’s a new widget in town – BBC Radio Widget 3.0. Featuring, by popular request, an in-widget schedule!

Hopefully the first of several widget releases in the next few weeks (due to brief access to an internet connection, hurrah!).

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  • FYI, the World Service schedule isn’t synced up right.

    Not sure if this is the widget, or if the BBC is providing a wrong schedule.

    For instance, right now (8pm EST Jun 17) the widget says Global Business is on, but it’s actually World Briefing.

    Oddly, says Global Business is on right now on World Service, but if I click on the World Service link, says World Briefing is on now.

  • Hi, downloaded widget, but now do not know what to do with it, I was hoping for a set up wizard, but no. How do I use it? Sorry for the stupid question. I want to stream BBC radio from my PC via the airport express?
    Thanks Steve

  • Hi there,

    I’ve been using this widget for a while now, and it’s been brilliant. However I’d had a problem with Real player which lead to me re-downloading it. Ever since I’ve had to re-download real player the widget has not worked and I am told the RealPlayer plugin cannot be found. I’ve clicked on the widget and downloaded Realplayer again, but there’s still no job. Any tips to fix the problem?


  • This is one of my favourite widgets, but no longer works properly in Leopard (10.5.4 on a MacBook Air).
    Have got the Real Player plugin OK, but the problem (as noted above) is that you now only get sound when dashboard is activated. It used to run nicely in the background.
    I’ve set things to ‘developer mode’ where you can drag widgets onto your desktop and keep them active there. That works OK up to a point – that point being that I use Airfoil to send all system audio wirelessly to an Airport Express linked to a hifi. Unfortunately Airfoil no longer captures the output from the widget – even when set to ‘capture system audio’.
    Thanks Apple!!
    For now, I’ve started using he BBC’s own radio console – far less elegant.
    Here’s hoping Hawkman and the BBC backstage people can maybe sort things…? Although it sounds like that will involve emailing Mr Jobs.

  • Ed, and others: this is mainly a RealPlayer problem, over which only Real have any control. RP10 is less broken than 11, so I suggest you try to get hold of that. Please also feel free to complain to Real about the plugin’s terrible behaviour when Dashboard is hidden, and in hidden Safari tabs; they’ve been aware of the problem for 6 months and have not fixed it. As noted, using the widget in Dashboard developer mode prevents the problem from showing itself, but it’s an inconvenient workaround that shouldn’t be necessary.

    As for Airfoil, I believe that widgets are represented as “Widget groups” in the Airfoil sources. Finding the right one of these should mean that you can send the audio to the Express, but obviously you won’t get the rest of the system output with it.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I have sent an appropriate message to Real. I’ll have a play around with the widget groups in the Airfoil settings. I fondly imagined that capturing ‘System Audio’ would grab anything that was coming out of the machine’s speakers and divert that, but it’s obviously a bit more subtle!
    Thanks for a great widget, and here’s to hoping it survives the savaging of Leopard and Real.

  • Widget works and looks great, but sound is very choppy. starts and stops. I tried comparing to BBC Radio site stream and that works fine. So I’m at a loss…

    I’m using RealPlayer 11

  • Im using 10.5.4 – Realplayer 11 is the issue – works fine on realplayer 10, it is a realplayer issue, just like when using the bbc iplayer for radio minimise it to the dock and sound stops with RP 11, not RP 10.

  • Hi, anyone notice that the player stops playing when out of dashboard?

    i was wandering is there a way that the player can still be listened too wgen working outside of dashboard????


  • Great little gizmo but it keeps crashing all the time!! Please sort it out. Cheers, A

  • fantastic widget absolute lifeline could it be adapted to an iphone/itouch app????? that would be awesome thank you

  • No sound. What’s wrong?

  • Gez Says:
    September 5th, 2008 at 12:07 am   Quote
    Hi, anyone notice that the player stops playing when out of dashboard?

    i was wandering is there a way that the player can still be listened too wgen working outside of dashboard????


    Me too! Love the widget, but need to do other stuff outside of Dashboard! Mine goes silent as soon as I click on something outside Dashboard. By the way, I do have the slowest internet connection in the world, but the widget works reasonably well when Dashboard is in the foreground.

  • Regarding the release of v3.2 … what a pity the BBC can’t see past the end of its own nose. They should be paying you for development of this widget, not bleating about trademarks.

    As an act of protest against the Beeb I will not be downloading the new version, but instead I shall stick with v3.1 and the official BBC graphics which *my* licence fee paid for them to produce.

  • Hey Hawkman – Really pleased to see an update out, thanks a lot. Can’t believe the BBC nonsense, it’s almost laughable.

    I made my own updated BBC graphics after the rebrands a while ago – Hawkman would you mind if I posted a link to these on rapidshare or something or would this potentially get you into trouble again?

  • What can I say – I can’t be held responsible for what users do with the widget once it’s in their hands. To be honest, I may add the option to grab graphics from the BBC site in the future… off by default, of course, and with a stern warning that I don’t personally endorse it.

    As for audio outside of Dashboard, please check the note at the radio widget page for help.

  • Hey Hawkman, love this widget mate – perfect for Radio 4 obsessive like me – one little problem, recently though the grey steel background to the widget has disappeared so I can’t see the info bar – I’d have a peek under the bonnet to see what’s going on but I only have Tiger so I can’t use Dashcode – any ideas? Tried updating & resinstalling but still the same. Are there widget prefs somewhere I can delete? I can send you a screenshot if you want, best wishes, Hywel

  • tidyfilms – Are you, perchance, on a case-sensitive filesystem? There are longstanding bugs (read: lazy errors in capitalisation) which I never remember to fix because they only affect a tiny minority of users. If this is your problem, you can either rely on me to fix it in a later update (dodgy, given my past record on this issue), or fix your own copy by doing a find-and-replace on the html and javascript files for the names of the images in the bundle and getting them capitalised like the filenames (just control-click and “Show package contents” to see them).

    If you’re not on a case-sensitive filesystem, I’m intrigued — drop me an email. hawkman@ this domain.

  • Just to say thanks
    that all

  • As soon as I leave widgets to use another app it stops working. A pain

  • Great widget but is there any way to keep the audio playing once the dashboard is hid?

  • Love the widget. I was able to correct the problem by moving the widget from the dashboard onto the desktop. This was done via another widget: Now your widget plays anytime I want it wherever I am on the computer.

    By the way, I also contacted RealAudio about their end of the issue and got this reply:

    RealPlayer 11 can play any type of media that your computer is setup to play, including audio, video, and streaming media formats. The new RealPlayer also uses other types of files, including RealJukebox skin files and Track Info template packages. Just drag and drop them into, or open them with, RealPlayer.

    To resolve this issue, I suggest you to perform the steps given in the below link:

    If still you are having issues with RealPlayer Plug ins, I suggest you to perform the steps given in the below link:

  • Great widget. Are there any plans to add the play again episodes to the widget?

  • BBC World Service no longer working as of the last couple of days. Other stations checked at random (I didn’t go through the entire list!) seem to be functioning normally.
    Great widget, provided the developer mode is enabled to keep the window floating for continuous play when dashboard is inactive.

  • Just downloaded v3.4 available today and BBC World Service is back on air. Thanks!

  • You were mentioned in the Xmas edition of Private Eye. Great find. Thanks for the Dashboard widget.

  • Great widget Andy, just one pedantic observation: Five Live and Five Live Sports Extra are the names of the channels and not Radio 5 Live UK and Int’l as you have it recorded.

    Happy Christmas


  • Since I installed Leopard, the BBC widget won’t play when Dashboard’s hidden! Can anyone help?

  • It is a shame the BBC widget does NOT work when I get out of the Dashboard. I have Leopard OS in my computer. Is there anything I can do about it? I want to listen to music while working and not being subjected by the dashboard’s activity. Other than that, the widget seems to work very well. In any case it’s a great great great idea and it’s very very very well designed. Thank you very much!

  • i have had this widget since its conception and has been a great way to listen to BBC ( esp 5 live ), but under Leopard OS recently when moving out of the dashboard it fails more often than I can remember. I’ve pretty much given up using it, and instead use the more stable BBC radio website

  • Yeah – I’ve started using BBC website. No amount of reinstalling the widget and /or realplayer 10 or 11 will get it to work under leopard 10.5.6 – widget keeps on insisting that realplayer plugin is not installed. By looks of above posts even if I could get it to play it’d stop working in background anyway so not going to waste more time with it.
    Good while it lasted though – I always had it playing under Tiger.

  • Anyone having problems under Leopard, or with RealPlayer 11, or anything else – email me. Fixes are afoot. hawkman AT this domain.

  • Having the same problem here – once I exit Dashboard I lose the radio – though if I go back to Dashboard it starts up again – Using iMac OSX 10.5.6

  • Having the same problem here – once I exit Dashboard I lose the radio – though if I go back to Dashboard it starts up again – Using iMac OSX 10.5.6

    Anyone having problems under Leopard, or with RealPlayer 11, or anything else – email me. Fixes are afoot. hawkman AT this domain.


  • Hiya – for some reason I can get every channel but Radio 6 music…..any thoughts?

  • everytime I try and use the widget, an Adobe flash player security window comes up and says the following:

    The following local application on your computer or network (BBC Radio.wdgt) is trying to communicate with this internet enabled location:
    To let this application continue click settings…

    I click either settings or OK and the application crashes! It’s driving me mad – any thoughts?

  • I’m having the same problem as James (Adobe flash player security window) and I have to reboot !

  • Works fine for me (os x 10.5.8)

  • I’m also getting tis flash security window. Its a shame – this has been a great widget. Hope there’s a fix for it.

  • There is a fix — see this FAQ entry for details. Still not sure why some people get this and others don’t.

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