So I noticed something weird

As you may or may not know, I maintain a log of download numbers for various files I offer (don’t worry, there’s no personal information recorded – just the fact that a download occurred). It’s kinda useful to know, for instance, how many active users of a widget there are, or whether something that I posted for a specific individual has been retrieved.

Now, one of the files I had up was an archive of some pictures of me and some mates on holiday (it’s gone now, so no need to search for it to find my ugly mug). There were only six people who knew about that archive, including me. Now, assuming that everyone who knew about it downloaded it, that’s 6 downloads. Imagine my surprise to note that there were considerably more than that. Sort of creepy to know that random people downloaded those pictures. I can only assume that it was in error. Fortunately, I don’t do anything interesting enough for those pictures to be embarrassing 😉

2 Responses to “So I noticed something weird”

  • A friend of mine made an artwork that crawled the web for default photo file names (i.e., JPG0001.JPG, etc.) and pulled them into a nice interactive mechanism. I can only assume that if you have any download links that people will reverse up the directory and have a look for anything else.

  • I’ve notice for the past few days that the schedule on bbc is incorrect. seems to be stuck on Saturday’s schedule. Thanks very much for this handy widget. I hope this schedule thing isn’t serious. wonder if anyone else has noticed it.

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