BBC Radio Widget v3.1 is officially the most downloaded release ever. Cool.

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  • Does it handle the LW and FM versions of radio4? As a cricket fan I often want the former. Maybe you aren’t aware of the fact that they sometimes broadcast different programs. It’s a nice widget otherwise.

  • Um…so I just went and tried it out. Sorry for bothering you – I was using an older version.

  • Hello! I want to say thanks for this great widget. I use it all the time instead of having to go to BBC’s website. Great work, keep it up! :)

  • No problem James. One thing to note is that the schedule displayed for LW actually refers to FM – there’s no LW schedule available though the BBC’s web api, and I decided as they’re similar the FM schedule was better than nothing.

    Thanks Joe!

  • Just donated you some cash, basically for this widget. If it wasn’t for this widget i would literally go insane!
    I don’t know how you did it, but I LOVE IT!

    Thanks so much


  • Hi there,

    amazing widget – I used it in Dubai but am now in Kazakhstan and having a few probs.

    I am behind a proxy and originally the widget did not work at all here, now it is (sort of). I can see the programme listings and it shows that is is playing, but there is no sound coming through.

    Any ideas?

    (Yes I do have the speakers on :) )

  • Ok, could be tough. Can you get the streams working elsewhere – at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/ or in RealPlayer.app itself? If not… then the widget’s got confused and it can’t play the stations, without you getting some settings to help RealPlayer connect. If it does work in either, then I’m intrigued…

  • No, it doesn’t work from the website or through Real Player. I think it is because of the proxy server it is coming through.

    Tried it again , and the same thing – the track listings are showing, but no audio.

    Thanks for the fast reply, by the way.

  • The error message on the BBC site is this :

    RealPlayer is unable to locate the server. This server does not have a DNS. Please check the server name in the URL and try again.

    Then there is massive URL starting

    Hope this helps

  • I went to the admin for the proxy server and had him allow me access to the rtsp protocol (in case that was blocked), and also got the DNS address from him, but I am still getting the same error :(

    When I look at managing the widgets – the radio widget from here has a no entry sign beside it. It seems weird as other widgets eg weather are getting info from the internet – is it cos your widget need to access through RealPlayer??

  • That sign is to show that you’re allowed to delete the widget – it’s not an Apple-supplied one. :) I’m afraid your network woes aren’t really something I can help you with though. Sorry!

  • Thanks for the reply – but what confuses me is that the widget gets the programme info in the pull out bar, so I can see what is on, and at what times (so the widget is accessing the web), but there is no sound.

    I still love the widget, and just wish that I could get it to work.

  • The schedule information is grabbed by http from the BBC’s website. The actual audio comes through a RealPlayer stream, and the connection for that can only be configured in RealPlayer.app. Unfortunately, the schedule information being available only indicates that you can browse the web on your computer – which I think you probably already knew. :)

  • Thanks for the explanation. I understand now. I have tried just about every setting in RealPlayer ofr the proxy and still nothing works – ah well.

    Ah well, might have to use the PC :(

  • riscy,
    have you configured the proxy within RealPlayer? I had to do this to get the App to work behind a proxy that we used to have – looking at RP now, it looks like I ticked the “Use System Proxy” settings.
    I did do some other things to the proxy at the same time, so not quite sure if it was this or something else that I did, but it might help

  • Hi Alan,

    No joy – I have tried everything with the proxy settings.

    I think the problem is that at work we all log on with PCs on startup, so they are mapped on the domain/network.But after work time I connect from home in a different way.

    Here at home I login with the Mac through the browser – ie it does not login to the actual network – I cannot access my files on the network etc, so I think this is the issue. Unfortunately getting the Mac established on the network is beyond the IT guys :( The same problem exists with the wife’s PC – ie no connection to bbc but at work, no probs.

    But thanks for the suggestion.

  • Have you figured out some sort of fix to the audio stopping when dashboard closes problem ? without that, this widget is sort of pointless. Maybe you could make it into a standalone application.

    Also, i seem to always get audio only on one side on most of the streams. This problem is much more pronounced for me since i use a headset and only the left or right audio works. This is probably just the stream but is there some way (hoping against hope) that you could fix it ?

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