Beta testers wanted

If you’d like to beta test a new version of BBC Radio Widget – that sort-of-kind-of fixes the audio drop issues with RealPlayer 11, amongst other things – please get in touch. I’d particularly like to hear from people who are still running Safari 3, or RealPlayer 10; but any and all testers are welcome. Drop me an email, hawkman@ this domain, or leave a comment.

Update: Thanks to all of you who helped me test this widget. We caught an order of magnitude more bugs than I’d have found alone — as evidenced by the 7 betas it took. Cheers.

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  • It’s my favorite widget but I still get the drop out so would be happy to beta test a new one.

    I used RP11 and had so many problems I went back to RP10 with drop outs

    Ernest Blake

  • As the previous person mentioned, I am now having the problem that when I leave Dashboard, BBC Radio Widget stops playing. When I go back into Dashboard it starts playing again. This is a problem I have not had before. Please look into this glitch as it doesn’t make much sense to have a radio widget that can only play when Dashboard is on the screen. Besides that, this is definately one of the more streamline radio widgets I’ve used. Thanks.

  • Linsay – I’m assuming this means you want to be a beta tester?

    I’ve had a lot of people corresponding with me over email about this, and it looks like we’ve got it sussed. I’m putting the finishing touches to some new features – Flash streaming, universal schedules – in what will probably become version 4.0, and hopefully will release it within the next couple of weeks (depending on the progress of a few other things, too).

    Anyone who wants to use the new version can get it from here; just grab the latest version available. Due to a Dashboard bug, you must AT LEAST refresh the widget (command-R) a couple of times; preferably REBOOT. Without this you cannot be sure of getting a fully working version of the widget. It’s a work in progress but completely usable – just try to include which version you’re on if you file bug reports. Please also bear in mind that I don’t have the benefit of witnessing what you see; a detailed description of exactly what happens (when something doesn’t work) is always appreciated. Thanks.

  • I’m trying out 3.5 ‘b5’. Absolutely no audio coming from the widget at all for me.

  • This is before or after your upgrade, Brendan?

    The new version still needs about 10 seconds to bring the audio back. I’ve done everything I can do in that regard – RealPlayer is still horribly broken, this is just a way to work around some of the symptoms of that.

  • b1 & b2 were the only ones I could get to play music both in an out of Dashboard, b2 seems to be the better of those two. The issue that happens with the best one (b2) that also happens to b1, is when I leave dashboard the audio cuts off for about 8 seconds. That’s what I mean about by “the better” one, b1 cuts off for even longer I think.

    Anyway, b2 is the best of all those for me, all 5 betas so far. I’m on 10.5.7, and I’m running RealPlayer Version 11.0.1 (949).

    Hopefully we’ll get our fix = )

  • Brendan: It’s just occurred to me that I’ve missed something important in the instructions. You need to reload the widget (command-R) a few times after changing versions in order to make sure it’s fully upgraded. There’s a really, really nasty Dashboard bug that means some old code gets cached. If you tried b5 first, you may have experienced that, and only got past it with subsequent attempts. I’ll add it to my comment earlier.

    It is certainly possible that b2 is different for you; there’s a slightly tinkered version of the hack in each release. Feedback from others suggests that we’ve been improving it with each release, though, so I’m reluctant to move backwards without ruling out that Dashboard bug. I appreciate your time.

  • Hawkman? I must be one stop ahead of you 😉

    I always refresh my widgets a few times. I even took the time to also log out and login for each one to make sure. b2 seems to be the best. Maybe it’s just for me, but for me that’s the way it seems to be.

  • Hi,

    I would love to try the new version of the BBC widget. I loved ver 3.4 … it worked perfectly on my old iBook. It has not worked well since i upgraded to a Macbok Pro. Let me know how to try the new version.


  • Thanks to all of you who helped me test this widget. We caught an order of magnitude more bugs than I’d have found alone — as evidenced by the 7 betas it took. Cheers.

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