Monthly Archive for May, 2009

Problems with BBC World Service, 28th May

If you’re having problems listening to the BBC World Service today (“Requested file not found” error): it appears that the BBC, or one of their content delivery partners, is having a small problem. You may find you can get it to work if you try enough times. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do, so let’s hope it’s fixed soon.

Beta test a new widget

Transmission widgetLong ago I made a widget for Clutch, the Transmission web interface – and it never made it past early testing. Now Clutch is part of Transmission, and I’ve been updating the widget to work with the latest Transmission builds.

If you’d like to help me test this, and have some input into the final design, email hawkman@ this domain. :)

Just fixed a comments issue I didn’t know I had

Comments are now working again. Don’t know what went wrong there.

Quoter plugin 1.11

Seeing as the WordPress Quoter plugin is now abandonware, I had to fix its bugs myself. No more uncited quotes gaining mysterious attributions, and no more automatic quoting of the last comment in the reply form.

If it’s useful to you too, you can find the fixed version here. Comments, observations etc. welcome, to hawkman@ this domain.