Monthly Archive for June, 2009

Solution for iPhone OS 3.0 icon problems

If you’ve been having trouble with messed up icons in iPhone OS 3.0 — duplicated or missing icons, switched icons on apps — then here’s a solution… if you’re jailbroken.

It seems to be caused whenever you have to force-reboot your phone (holding down the home and power buttons), or when certain apps reboot your phone uncleanly (like when installing through Cydia). Edit: saurik says Cydia doesn’t do anything wrong, and he should know; it’s just an unfortunate coincidence. The only known fix for unjailbroken phones is deleting your apps and reinstalling them, which of course deletes all your data. For jailbroken devices, though, you can just dump the icon cache with Mobile Terminal or through SSH:

mv /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/ /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/; killall SpringBoard

This renames the file and restarts SpringBoard. If everything seems okay, you can then delete this old file:

rm /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/

This solved all my icon issues magically, and I’ve not had any side effects. Much better than deleting all my apps!

Ow ow ow

I crippled myself (well, sprained my foot) while playing squash last night. Ever get the kind of pain that hurts so much you have to laugh? Well, climbing stairs is hilarious…

Also, I maintain that victory over an injured dude is no victory at all, TOM. :-)

A brand new site, and an updated widget. Oh my!

It’s been weeks in the making, it’s taken so much hard work (most of that in bludgeoning IE6 into giving me a vaguely-working site) — but Phantom Gorilla finally relaunched this evening! It’s been hard, but I’m really, really pleased to have cut away so much of the crap in my old template (and to see the last of one awful stopgap-become-permanent solution in particular). It feels good to have the convenience of my own code for pages, too, instead of forcing WordPress to manage my whole site — clearly something it’s not supposed to do.

I’ve used lots of shiny new CSS toys, so you’ll get the best experience in Safari 4 or 3, closely followed by Firefox 3.5 or 3; but it’s been designed to degrade gracefully as far down as IE6. Not that I get much IE traffic, of course.

The other exciting news is the release of BBC Radio Widget 4.0 today, after a seriously lengthy beta period. It just kept collecting features — a RealPlayer workaround, Flash streaming, near-universal schedules — and turned from a 0.0x update into an X.0. Hopefully you’ll agree it’s worth the wait!

Update: It occurs to me that due to the site rearrangement, and my new permalink structure, some links and feeds may need updating. And I swear I’m a better writer when I’ve had more than six hours’ sleep in the last 72…