A brand new site, and an updated widget. Oh my!

It’s been weeks in the making, it’s taken so much hard work (most of that in bludgeoning IE6 into giving me a vaguely-working site) — but Phantom Gorilla finally relaunched this evening! It’s been hard, but I’m really, really pleased to have cut away so much of the crap in my old template (and to see the last of one awful stopgap-become-permanent solution in particular). It feels good to have the convenience of my own code for pages, too, instead of forcing WordPress to manage my whole site — clearly something it’s not supposed to do.

I’ve used lots of shiny new CSS toys, so you’ll get the best experience in Safari 4 or 3, closely followed by Firefox 3.5 or 3; but it’s been designed to degrade gracefully as far down as IE6. Not that I get much IE traffic, of course.

The other exciting news is the release of BBC Radio Widget 4.0 today, after a seriously lengthy beta period. It just kept collecting features — a RealPlayer workaround, Flash streaming, near-universal schedules — and turned from a 0.0x update into an X.0. Hopefully you’ll agree it’s worth the wait!

Update: It occurs to me that due to the site rearrangement, and my new permalink structure, some links and feeds may need updating. And I swear I’m a better writer when I’ve had more than six hours’ sleep in the last 72…

10 Responses to “A brand new site, and an updated widget. Oh my!”

  • Hi. great idea.
    I’ve got a new iMac with leopard 10.5.7. I installed the widget and restarted (Twice). but I just get the spinning “wait” symbol and nothing else happens. What Im I doing wrong? I tried the flash version and downloaded the flash player and installed it but it can’t detect the flash player.

  • Interesting. Is this with RealPlayer streaming, you get the spinning? Have you tried different stations?

    Stupid, I know, but: is your volume definitely up?

    No error messages of any kind? It just spins, then stops?

  • Hi there,
    Have downloaded your widget but so far only a spinning wheel no sounds. Not showing any error message, have tried many stations same for all.
    Cheers Alan Mackenzie….using Mac pro OS X 5.6

  • Alan: Using RealPlayer? What version?

    Both of you: Do you see a volume slider on the widget? Can you listen to the BBC’s audio at location 1, and location 2?

  • Installed this BBC widget today… Just not working…..

  • Anyone having problems, please: I’ll need as much information as possible to try to sort it out for you, as it’s generally something unique to your RealPlayer/network/firewall settings, not a universal fix (as thousands of people don’t have any trouble at all).

    Email (see “About / Contact“) is the best way to solve problems of this nature.

  • Same for me as described above. I only get the spinning wheel.

    Yes I can see the volume slider.
    Yes I can play the BBC’s audio at the links you posted.

    OSX 10.5.7 on Macbook

  • Malcolm, reboot. If you’re able to hear the audio at both locations, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with your system’s configuration. You’re probably running into an OS bug: if you’ve got Safari 4 installed, then Dashboard throws a hissy fit at new and updated widgets and you have to reboot to restore order.

  • Emailed as requested but no reply, however, reboot immediately after install seems to have done the trick!

  • Little Angel, on July 15, 2009 at 1:56 am, said:

    Emailed as requested but no reply

    I can only assume your email got eaten by my spam filter – sorry. A reboot is absolutely necessary, though; that’s why it’s on every page on this site which has a download link.

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