Monthly Archive for June, 2010

Time for some Safari 5 extensions

The last few days I’ve been playing around with Safari 5’s extensions features, which are incredibly cool and surprisingly flexible. The following are the results:

Google Reader Tools 1.0

GR Tools is a toolkit with lots of neat tricks for integrating Google Reader into your browser. There’s a toolbar icon which checks for new items at regular (configurable) intervals; it’s also possible to automatically view any feed you load in Google Reader instead of Safari. You can even change the appearance of Reader — because, frankly, it’s really ugly — using some built in styles (including the beautiful Helvetireader by Jon Hicks) or your own custom stylesheet.

Qwantz Secrets 1.0

Qwantz Secrets reveals the secret texts on Dinosaur Comics when you mouseover the image — or optionally click it, or press “s”. There’s also a bookmarklet for iOS devices which can’t run extensions (and can’t see the hidden text in any of the usual ways).

Both of these automatically update, and can be downloaded from my new extensions page. Bug reports and suggestions are extremely welcome.