Beta time again

I’ve begun adding WMA support to the BBC Radio Widget. It requires the Flip4Mac WMV components for QuickTime, but amusingly provides a much better experience than the Flash player (volume controls!). If you’d like to help me test it, please check it out

6 Responses to “Beta time again”

  • It works!

    The last one stopped working, and all I could get was a “eeeerrrgh’ error beep.
    All is well

  • Works great! The radio show titles work again and the stream is perfect.

    New York

  • Appears to work nicely. Could youz possibly add Radio 4 Extra ?

  • Widget isn’t going to work with Lion, also has vanishing problem with yesterday’s Safari update.

    What’s in the future for this essential little item?

  • I cannot get the beta version to play on lion. The standard version works fine though. I am running Lion with Flip4Mac installed and I can play WMVs on my iMac 27″ Core I5 machine.

  • OSX 10.6.8
    V4.21 OK
    V.4.5b2 does not work, spinning till timeout

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