Lion Compatibility

In a word, none. Yet.

Update: Things are not as bleak as they first appeared! The official release of the widget, v4.21, is compatible with lion if you install the latest Adobe Flash Player. The WMA support in the beta versions is well and truly broken by Safari 5.1 on both lion and Snow Leopard, though; the QuickTime plugin has completely changed its behaviour.

My excuse is that as a mere widget developer, I had no magic access to prerelease versions of Lion. In fact, I’ve only just managed to upgrade to Lion myself after a hard drive failure. (Hurray for DiskWarrior, which was able to recover all of the data from my not-as-frequently-backed-up-as-it-should-have-been MacBook, apparently using magic.)

I’m gratified by all the interest that’s being shown in a Lion update, and will get one out as soon as I can. In the meantime, please use the BBC radio website for all of your cricket- and non-cricket-related needs.

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  • Seriously forgot how important this widget was too me till I just tried to listen to Radio2. What am I gonna do when the next test starts?

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